Our Mission

Our Sacred Women is a movement to restore women to a place of reverence through specialty gifts that help women feel seen, valued, and honored.
We invite you to join us in affirming the sacred essence of the women we love.

our Founder

Eileen Rosete founded Our Sacred Women in 2016 as a vehicle for positive change after many years of working with female trauma survivors in volunteer and professional roles. Drawing on her experiences as a trauma-sensitive, certified yoga instructor (CYT 200), a Marriage and Family Therapist (MSMFT), and a new mother, Eileen designs products that she hopes will act as effective tools for people to connect meaningfully with themselves and others, and in turn create moments of affirmation, comfort, and healing. In order to create products that she herself would be excited to gift to the important women in her life, Eileen is meticulous about partnering with quality vendors and suppliers who will add uplifting energy to each OSW piece.

Our Story

"Our Sacred Women, a company dedicated to honoring women, actually started with a daydream about a man. It was 2014 and I was living in Chicago finishing my graduate degree at Northwestern University. One day I was stuck in traffic along Lakeshore Drive, and happened to look over towards Lake Michigan where people were exercising along the lakefront path. Suddenly I had a vision of a guy jogging. He was wearing a white shirt with the phrase "women are sacred" in bold, black letters, in honor of a woman in his life. Fast forward to 2016. I created the very shirt in that daydream, and in a sustainable and ethical way that honors the women involved in its production. From the start, men have played a major role in OSW, and I am excited to see the male allies in our lives have the courage to stand with us as we share this simple yet powerful, and timely message."

- Eileen


Our Charitable Partners

We are dedicated to moving the positive energy forward by donating proceeds from each sale to our charitable partners.

The Breathe Network

The Breathe Network connects survivors of sexual violence with sliding-scale, trauma-informed, holistic healing arts practitioners across the United States. This unique non-profit organization is revolutionizing care by offering a directory of highly trained practitioners who have an established practice working in their modality with survivors of sexual trauma. Additionally, The Breathe Network educates and trains healing arts practitioners on the nuanced impacts of sexual violence, including techniques to increase trauma-informed care within their practice in order to best serve the unique needs of survivors. Our Sacred Women is honored to donate 10% of proceeds from each sale of our signature "Women are Sacred" organic tees and lapel pins to The Breathe Network. Click here to learn more about The Breathe Network and how you can get become more involved.


Founded by five Los Angeles moms in 2014, Alliance of Moms (AOM) is a membership-based auxiliary group that supports the work of the Alliance for Children’s Rights. AOM is a new generation of philanthropists whose mission is to break the intergenerational cycle of babies born to teens in foster care. The statistics are staggering: more than a quarter of girls in foster care become mothers by the age of 17. 40% of these young mothers have a second child in their teenage years. 66% of their babies will become teen mothers themselves. The women of AOM and their amazing team of volunteers creates educational programs to provide these young pregnant and parenting foster teens with practical tools that empower them to become informed parents who can give their babies a healthier childhood. For every "You got this, Mama!" greeting card sold, Our Sacred Women is honored to donate a card with a handwritten note to the special teens AOM serves. We love knowing that each time someone purchases a card for a special mama in their life, the same message of encouragement will go to a pregnant or already parenting teen in foster care. We also donate 10% of proceeds from each sale of our "You got this, Mama!" art prints to AOM. Click here to learn more about Alliance of Moms and how you can become more involved.